Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Gran Fondo and USAC Categories?

Gran Fondo (aka Citizens Race)

  • For someone that does not race on a regular basis or never races at all
  • Interested in challenging yourself and competing against your best time!
  • Gets a jersey with registration
  • Allows you to tackle challenging terrain with support
  • Allows you to modulate your experience based on your goals. You can still treat it as a race, but how hard you go is up to you
  • You are timed
  • You do NOT need to purchase a USAC license for the Gran Fondo
  • All Gran Fondo participants get a medal
  • There are no podium finishes by age group
  • The top 3 men and top 3 women in the Gran Fondo will be publicly recognized

USA Cycling

  • Has a USAC racing license (Usacycling.org )
  • Races on a regular basis
  • Is very competitive – you are not only competing against your best time but you are competing against others!
  • Does not receive a jersey (but you can buy one)
  • There are podium finishes for the top 3 in each category
  • Colorado residents participating in the USAC categories qualify for the Colorado State Hill Climb Championships

Will the Gran Fondo/Citizens get Podiums?

The Gran Fondo is permitted as a “Gran Fondo/Fun Ride” under USA Cycling.  This essentially provides the necessary insurance.  With that there are specific rules that must be followed.  Please note the following:

RULE 10G3: No awards based on relative performance at the finish line are allowed. However, awards may be given based on timed segments at one or more points during the event, such as timed hill climbs. No cash awards may be given, but raffles and participation awards, such as t-shirts, ribbons, and certificates are allowed.

For the 2018 Mt. Evans Hill Climb, the top women and men for each Gran Fondo age group will be publicly recognized.

Can my family/friends go to the Summit?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow spectators on the Summit unless they hike in or volunteer.  There is limited space on the top of Mt. Evans and we cannot have cars on the road.  There are plenty of great places where they can cheer you on during the race. We love having lots of spectators but there are restrictions.  We ask that you and your family respect the rules and the community.

  •  They need to follow the parking rules
  • Make sure they know to not park on the road where they are in the way of the race
  • Can they ride a bike up Summit road?  Yes, if you are registered for the race.  No, if you are just a spectator.  It is a bike race – seriously, people on bicycles not registered make it unsafe for everyone – don’t do it.
  • There are great places along the Rte 103 for people to park and cheer you on while you race. Squaw pass road and 103 are not closed at any time.  Hwy 5 is closed 9pm the day before the race until 2pm race day.
  • Friends and Family are welcome to attend the Tommyknocker Post Climb Celebration however there will be a nominal fee for the meal.  We would love to have them join in the fun!


How do I get down Mt. Evans after I have reached the summit?

No Shuttle Service, you must be prepared to ride down the mountain to the start. Your clothing bags will be transported to the summit, which will hold warm gloves, jackets, and food for the descent. Note: The descent will be cold and you will be expected to ride down, make sure you bring what you need to keep you warm in your clothing bag for the descent! Please wear highly visible clothing for the trip down the mountain, this will ensure your safety in the case of adverse weather conditions.

How do I get warm gear to the Summit to wear on the descent?

We provide a Primal Wear gear bag, a luggage tag and we bring them up to the Summit for you.

  • Primal provides a gear bag that you will send to the Summit 
  • Please mark your name and telephone number to the bag. PRINT LEGIBLY,   If you do not have your name  and telephone number on the bag then it cannot be returned to you if you do not claim it.
  • You will drop your bag near Registration  in the Gear Trucks which will be located near the start line.
  • You are responsible for bringing the bag down with you.
  • What goes in the bag? We recommend warm attire for the ride down!
  • What should NOT go in the bag?  Anything breakable – these bags will get thrown around. Do not put valuables like cell phones, wallets etc in the bag.

How do I train for Mt. Evans Hill Climb?

The best thing to do is ride your bike and know the course.   Be prepared for the altitude and the distance.     Here is some advice from some veterans and trainers:


How do I know what size Jersey to order?

Make sure you check the Primal size chart.  The jerseys are race cut not club cut so they are more fitted.

Fit Chart