Important Race Day Information

Important Race Day Information


Start – USAC Categories

  • Please make sure you pick up your packet 30 minutes before your race start
  • Please allow for time to get to the starting line – it is across a 1 lane bridge that will have flaggers.  See schedule for recommended timing
  • Since you are racing a USAC category -you MUST stop by Tommyknockers and go to the license table to have your license checked.  If we do not check your license you will be DNQ’d even if you finish the race.
  • 1 Day USAC Licenses – if you need a USAC 1 day license you MUST purchase it prior to the day of the Race.   It is $15 and it is not the same as the $5 BRAC 1 Day membership.   You will not be allowed to race without taking care of this prior to Race Day.  Everyone concerned has been contacted – please follow through today! Please check this list to see if you need a USAC 1 Day License.
  • BRAC 1 Day Memberships – if you have a USAC license but are not a member of the Colorado/Southern Wyoming local racing association Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado so you will need to purchase a BRAC 1 Day membership fee.  It is $5 – please bring cash if you did not purchase it online during registration.  (Again, this is not the same as the USAC 1 day license) – Please check this list to see if need a BRAC 1 Day Membership
  • Map of key areas, schedule and some tips for the morning

Time Limit

  • We will stop timing at 2pm (essentially that is 7 hours)
  • The Feed Zone will close at 1pm


  • It is Colorado and you need to be prepared for anything, but in particular for a afternoon storm that includes lightning
  • If there is dangerous weather we will have to exit the Summit immediately\

Gear Bag  

  • This bag is the gear bag that you will send to the Summit
  • You have a luggage tag with your number on it – please affix that to the bag
  • Please add your name and telephone number to the tag. PRINT LEGIBLY
  • You will drop your bag near the Start in the Gear Trucks. Gear Truck will leave at 6:30 am, 8:30 am –  please plan accordingly.
  • You are responsible for bringing the bag down with you.
  • What goes in the bag? We recommend warm attire for the ride down!
  • What should NOT go in the bag?  Anything breakable – these bags will get thrown around. Do not put valuables like cell phones, wallets etc in the bag.
  • We will not take up any bags that are not Primal Gear Bags

Feed Zone/Hydration/Nutrition

  • The Nuunmobile will be onsite at the Feed Zone and the Finish.
  • Feed Zone will be at the turn onto Rte 5/Summit Road (13.1 miles)  and volunteers will be there to hand you water bottles with water or Nuun, and Clif products
  • Summit – there will be water, Nuun and snacks on the Summit

Road Conditions

  • There is ongoing construction on Rte 5/Summit Road above Lincoln Lake.  This is before Summit Lake.   The construction will not be complete however it will not affect the race.  Essentially the section of road under construction will be 1 lane.  There will be marshals to ensure that the racers climbing to the summit have the priority and will not be stopped or impeded in any way.
  • The Whoop de Whoops near Summit Lake are still there and the road is pretty gnarly in that area.  We will mark hazards with orange and have course marshals near by to alert you.
  • So, yes, the road is as gnarly as ever


  • Yes, we do encourage most of you to ride down.
  • If you can’t do the descent there will be shuttles on the top that will bring you from the Summit to Echo Lake HOWEVER
    • You will need to demonstrate patience  – due to the construction we cannot shuttle people down until the bulk of the racers have gone past the construction.   Vehicles will interfere  with the race because it is 1 lane.
  • If you can ride down past the construction there will be shuttles in construction parking area.
  • Vans are not to be used for warming – if you get in a van you will be shuttled down – please do not get in the van if you are waiting for someone.   You can go visit the Primal Crew on the Summit  they will help you out – they have lots of festivities.


  •  Primal will be on top at the Crest House.  Stop in and visit them!  They have a very  special photo booth for you.
  • There will be bike racks – please park your bikes there!
  • If the weather is good (and it will be!)  stop and see how far you climbed.  Be Proud – be very proud!
  • No personal cars are allowed on the Summit  – no exceptions.

Parking for the Start

  • Please see this diagram to give you guidance
  • Please be respectful of the community that has generously welcomed us.
    • If it says No Parking/No Race Parking – Don’t park there
    • Please do not park on Miner St or on Residential Streets
    • Do not park at the Forest Station
    • Do not park at the Rafting Outfit across from the start – they are open for business
    • Do not park at Echo Lake Lodge unless you are going to go in and eat!  If you park there and do not have a receipt you will be charged $25 for parking in that lot.  They are open for business and when you take a parking spot you take away their business


Private SAGS/Friends and Family on the Course 

  • They need to follow the parking rules above
  • Make sure they know to not park on the road where they are in the way of the race
  • How do they get to the summit?
    • Hike in!
    • Volunteer (but then they have to work the whole race not just until you finish)
  • Can you ride a bike up Summit road?  Yes, if you are registered for the race.  No, if you are just a spectator.  It is a bike race – seriously, people on bicycles not registered make it unsafe for everyone – don’t do it.
  • There are great places along the Rte 103 for people to park and cheer you on
  • If you don’t want to ride the whole way down, have someone waiting on Squaw Pass and call them when you get to Echo Lake
  • Great option for your friends & family – park at Echo Lake Park, go for a great walk around Echo Lake (it comes at at Echo Lake Lodge) and help at the Feed Zone, cheer you on as you start the hard part and then be there when you descend!
  • Friends and Family are welcome to attend the Tommyknocker Post Climb Celebration – they would have to pay $9 per person.  We would love to have them join in the fun!  Buy your extra meal tickets here  (Children are free)
  • Chalk in the road is okay but NO PAINT!  And not near any obstacle we have highlighted with orange chalk!

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