Cancellation Policy

The primary goal of the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb is to operate a safe event for everyone involved. While the event recognizes the aspirations and commitment of its participants, there may be circumstances where it is deemed unsafe to proceed with the race as planned. In addition to participant safety, considerations to alter or cancel the event will be based on other actors, such as potential adverse impact on local residents and the capacity of municipal agencies and healthcare systems.

  • The Chief Referee and Race Director reserve the right to cancel or alter the race to avoid exposing participants and the community to undue risks that might result from staging the event under potentially hazardous conditions. Circumstances that couple the cancellation, alteration or postponement of the event are not always foreseeable but include inclement weather or the threat of inclement weather (e.g. tornados, lightning, fire, high heat or icy conditions), acts of terrorism or civil unrest or the threat of terrorism or civil unrest, and similar circumstances beyond the control of event officials.
  • In the case of lightning, severe rain, snow, wind, fire or any other conditions that affects the potential safety of the participants, spectators and volunteers, the event may be delayed and all participants will be asked to proceed to safety. The event will start if the weather clears (in the case of severe weather). In the case of light rain, the event will continue until or unless safety becomes an issue.
  • To the extent possible, notifications about weather conditions, event postponement, course adjustments and event cancellation with be communicated via the following channels: the official website ( email notifications, Facebook, twitter and other public address announcements.
  • Event considerations resulting in race cancellation, course alteration or participant withdrawal will not warrant the refunding of race entry fees or granting of future race credits.
  • Regardless of event day conditions, all participants should be discerning of their own fitness level. It is understood that each participant assumes personal responsibility upon entering the event and understand the inherent risk that bicycle racing presents.


Please do not throw any trash on the mountain. It is a special place and we want to continue to use it. Please put trash in your pocket and dispose of trash receptacles at Summit Lake, the top and at the school. No off-trail use permitted due to sensitive environment, please do not walk, ride, or drive off the roads, or designated trails. Public urination is illegal, do not do it!  Be respectful of residents and change in privacy.

Please note that there are no refunds for Gran Fondo or USAC categories.